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Online exhibition with a 3D tour for Sanofi
The pandemic years have reshaped our familiar world. Almost all offline events were either cancelled or postponed. We had to think outside the box to bring product presentations back into the spotlight.
8 minutes
In 2021, we organized and hosted over 5 events,
providing evidence of the product's profitability and versatility
Created a 360-degree interior visualization from the ground up
average user time at the exhibition
Meticulously designed all aspects, including wall aesthetics, human figures, lighting, and guest waiting areas
Scope of work
Crafted 3D models for Toujeo® and Soliqua® insulin products, along with insulin molecules
Developed booth content and immersive materials, featuring a timeline dedicated to insulin’s 100-year anniversary while seamlessly integrating the company’s contributions
Integrated video lectures allowing users to listen to practicing physicians discussing clinical cases
Initial exhibition layout
Entrance group / Reception
Entrance area / Left entrance
Lecture area / Right hall
Entrance area / Right entrance
View upon entering the exhibition / Right hall
Inspirational video / Right hall
Animated 3D model of insulin
Showcase video / Right hall
Panoramic view / Right hall
Timeline panorama honoring 100 years of insulin manufacturing since scientists first uncovered its secrets / Left hall
Toujeo & Soliqua stand / Left hall
Zoomed-in timeline view / Left hall
Zoomed-in timeline view / Left hall
Animated 3D model of Toujeo
Animated 3D model of Soliqua
Panoramic view / Left hall